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About Pebbly Precious

Inspired by nature's kaleidoscope of colours

Influenced by the love of art and nature, such as, the beautiful, shifting dance of nocturnal rainbows in the elusive and ethereal Northern lights of the Scandinavia. The glistening blue icy walls of the Mendenhall Glacier cave in Alaska, even the striking green rice paddy fields in scenic Vietnam.

Colours of exotic birds like the Crimson Rosella of the parrot family, flaunting its red and blue plumage. Closer to home down under, the vivid yellows, startling green and blues of underwater corals and psychedelic swirls of the single emperor angelfish found in the Great Barrier Reef.


Collecting souvenirs from travels

Some collect fridge magnets, others prefer native ornaments, we are constantly on the lookout for semi precious natural and sensational coloured stones such as agate, howlite, turquoise, jade, coral, labradorite, onyx, peridot, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, pearls and crystals, amused by their variations of shapes, textures, facets and sheen from our leisure and business travels. Every batch of these collected stones are characterized with its own specks, lines and inclusions, resulting in its distinctive patterns and clarity.


Limited pieces of each design

Within our little treasury of semi precious stone collections, we trial, thread, bead with various combinations, on many occasions, only enough to make 1 or only 2 pieces of a particular design. Sometimes we re-create the same design. However, they are never exactly identical. They will have similar colour schemes, possibly different stones to substitute the earlier edition.


Traditional knots and decorative clasps

Our pieces are lovingly designed and handcrafted using the traditional pearl knotting technique on durable silk cords. Decorative clasps or silk braided endings complete the look, most times giving it the versatility factor.


Versatility - One piece, many looks

All women, innately creative by design, have skills to match our outfits interchangeably, modify our make-up, layering onto a 'day look' glamouring it into a 'night look'.

We challenge ourselves to create our necklaces to wear them differently. For instance, a particular piece can be worn short to complement a casual outfit on one occasion or perhaps lengthened to better suit a smart casual dinner dress during a different event. Or, wearing a long necklace double looped as a collared short necklace, perhaps twirling them as bracelets, even adding personal charms and tassels to inject fun. 


The cost of Semi precious jewellery vs. costume jewellery

Today’s factory manufactured costume jewellery, from retro to modern, reflect a broad range of influences. Modern high street fashion designs outrageously command a $300-$550 price tag for bits of rubber, acrylic, brass and glass. At Pebbly Precious, our authentic, semi-precious handmade jewellery are affordable, luxurious, yet wearable as ‘everyday pieces’. Stunning elegant pieces like ours are absolutely worth collecting and passing down to family members.